Monday, September 9, 2013

ARE YOU WATCHING US? Have you checked in?

Since we are not having a challenge is September I thought we would play a little game!

For everyone who shares our blog in September and posts that they have done so, gets a FREE Fall Collage!

Post us to your facebook page or your own blog and let us know you did!

We will send a digital collage via email to you!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Thanks to all who played along with us in our # 12 Challenge.   

We will take a challenge break for the Month of September to prepare for our MONTH LONG Halloween HOP in October.  

Please join us in November for our "My Home" challenge.  Details to follow. 

The November challenge will  allow lots of personalized perspective and will inspire you to get creative with your familiar surroundings. Show off your territory and share a story from your own life!  

Until November, please visit  the Website and see all the newest items including Graphic 45 Stamps and papers for Steampunk Spells, perfect for your Halloween hopping and creating!

We have Steampunk Spell Alpha stickers, G45 coordinated papers, G45 postcards 
and many inks too!